Galvanised Steel

Traditional Kiwi building product – Available in all our range in .55 and .40
Galvanised steel is mild steel with a coating of zinc. The zinc protects the steel by providing cathodic protection to the exposed steel, so should the surface be damaged the zinc will corrode in preference to the steel.

*Galvanised steel is one of the most widely used products, used
extensively in the building sector, automotive, agricultural and other areas where the steel needs to be protected from corrosion.

The maintenance programme specified in the warranty must be complied with to maximise the life of the product and to validate the warranty.

All roofing and cladding products are subject to the cumulative effects of weather, dust and
other deposits. Normal rain washing will remove most accumulated atmospheric contaminants from roofs. For wall cladding, manual washing every 3 to 12 months, depending on the paint system, is recommended in moderate to very severe environments to prevent accumulation of dirt, debris or other material not removed by rain washing. For areas that do not receive any or adequate rain washing (called unwashed areas) such as soffits, wall cladding under eaves, underside of gutters, fascias, sheltered areas of garage doors and unwashed roof areas, more extensive manual washing is required. Similarly, other high risk areas, around flues, under television aerials or overhanging trees and sites prone to mould, lichen, bird droppings or debris, need to have extensive manual washing.

Regular washing of steel products increases the durability by reducing attack from airborne salts and pollutants. Steel surfaces should be manually washed with water and a sponge or a soft nylon-bristled brush. For large areas it may be more appropriate to use water blasting at pressures up to 20Mpa

*Please note there is no warranty with any NZ Steel galvanised product

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